​Test of character

Character means the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions. We often hear ‘that is my character’ or ‘I trust his character’ or ‘so this is your character’ etc., if not all. Character is developed over time either consciously or unconsciously. "Then he sent someone to Egypt ahead of … Continue reading ​Test of character


Its not always what it seems

I have had the privilege of growing my hair since 2006 till date. I must admit that it has not always gotten the best of treatments but it has not been without care.  In fact it has been a permanent member of my budgeting committee and a regular item on my monthly expense list. Considering … Continue reading Its not always what it seems

Endless Search

I like pictures, I love worded pictures or display pictures - this is what I called it for so long.  Whenever I go online I look out for inspiring, encouraging, practical and biblical worded pictures. I like, love, copy and save them often although I don’t fully agree and understand the messages some carry. Then … Continue reading Endless Search


Gain is anything that is helpful, useful, wanted or valued which is gotten from an activity, process or person. After a long day of helping my Grandma pack for her trip and buying food items from the market, I was exhausted but glad to be headed home as I boarded a taxi. The driver looked crazy … Continue reading ​NA MY GAIN NA!

Crazy reasons to believe

It is very easy and convenient to believe when the weather is friendly, relationships bloom, love is at its peak, there is a promotion, when we get lucky, when you get the girl, when your man commits, when your partner is faithful, when you get a bank credit alert, when you see visions, hear crystal … Continue reading Crazy reasons to believe

People Bondage

Often times we worry, think, over consider and deliberate what other people think, say, might say and how they will react. This to me is people bondage. And trust me on this one, I've been there.  People bondage: is it real, healthy or unhealthy? Are you in it? Have you triumphed  in this area? I … Continue reading People Bondage

My view of LIFE

​Life is a journey not a jungle Life is complex not a competition Life has a beginning Life has an end You can't hold life's moments but you can hold memories If you can hold memories then you can also let them go Even memories flee and pass with years People were here before you … Continue reading My view of LIFE