See how she remembered her decision but forgot her reason

She patronizes all the telecommunication networks in Nigeria, because their heads are always touching, upgrading, downgrading and resetting, LOL. What I mean is that their browsing services and plans fluctuate and yours sincerely goes with the best plan which could be any network every month on subscription expiry or exhaustion. Thank God purchasing a SIM … Continue reading See how she remembered her decision but forgot her reason


​Test of character

Character means the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions. We often hear ‘that is my character’ or ‘I trust his character’ or ‘so this is your character’ etc., if not all. Character is developed over time either consciously or unconsciously. "Then he sent someone to Egypt ahead of … Continue reading ​Test of character

Crazy reasons to believe

It is very easy and convenient to believe when the weather is friendly, relationships bloom, love is at its peak, there is a promotion, when we get lucky, when you get the girl, when your man commits, when your partner is faithful, when you get a bank credit alert, when you see visions, hear crystal … Continue reading Crazy reasons to believe

My view of LIFE

​Life is a journey not a jungle Life is complex not a competition Life has a beginning Life has an end You can't hold life's moments but you can hold memories If you can hold memories then you can also let them go Even memories flee and pass with years People were here before you … Continue reading My view of LIFE