See how she remembered her decision but forgot her reason

She patronizes all the telecommunication networks in Nigeria, because their heads are always touching, upgrading, downgrading and resetting, LOL. What I mean is that their browsing services and plans fluctuate and yours sincerely goes with the best plan which could be any network every month on subscription expiry or exhaustion. Thank God purchasing a SIM card does not cost an arm and a leg in Nigeria anymore, but I do have two main lines for calls. 

I migrated to an airtime doubling plan on my first main line few months ago, the service has not been exceptional but I do not think I have been shortchanged so I’m still on it. After some weeks on this plan, I was notified of an unbelievable browsing service package via text. I did not give it much thought initially, so my service provider started harassing me with the same message every day. At the exhaustion of my then plan, I decided to give it a try. Baam, it was real. Ehhhh! I became their unpaid brand ambassador telling everyone how they were treating me well. However, I soon discovered that the browsing package I was given as a result of my new plan was not free of conditions. This meant that I could either browse or call but not both in order to keep my airtime bonus. So I made up my mind to beat them to it, carefully browsing at specific times and airtime levels (smilesss).

One a very beautiful day I made plans to call people later in the day so as not to disturb their work or cut my gist short, so it was declared a no browsing day. In the afternoon though, my sister reminded me of the applications I needed to get from Play Store for our program, I remembered it was a no browsing day and told her so. She didn’t understand and so asked for explanations. To my amazement I could not remember why I declared the day a no browsing one. I asked myself the question later on and still could not remember, so I logged into Play Store and downloaded the needed applications. After installing and opening them and even rejoicing they were just what we needed, I remembered my reason for the browsing ban and guess what – the airtime was gone; I could not make the calls I had earlier planned to.

I remembered my decision but forgot my why (basis of the decision) earlier on, I was so sad. How exactly did that happen? Wait I know my brain works better than this, so what just happened? What if I was a doctor or nurse? Such forgetfulness could have claimed a life, if not lives. What if it was a managerial decision? It could have cost an organization a fortune. What if it was a huge investment? It would have cost me good amount of money. What if I was God? The world will have vanished or turned upside down or collapsed. My question was almost endless.

It did remind me that all human beings are forgetful; we fail, disappoint, change and err. But also gave me a reason for gratitude to God, who is unfailing, can not disappoint, change or err and is beyond forgetfulness.

I am forgetful 

You are forgetful 

God is not forgetful  

He is not forgetful so you can trust him – “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you” (Isaiah 49:15, NIV)

He is not forgetful so your reward is assured – “For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers, as you still do” (Hebrews 6:11, NLT)

God does not forget what He wants or wills to do, his eyes are on us all at all times, he cannot forget your blessings, provision and need. 

He does choose to forget our sins as soon as we repentantly confess because of Jesus.

It’s amazing that this God is for us, forgives our forgetfulness and yet He is absolutely beyond forgetfulness.

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Sincerely, Peace Iruoma



2 thoughts on “See how she remembered her decision but forgot her reason

  1. What a loving,caring and compassionate father we have, yesoo He will not forget or abandon his own. Thanks my lovely Unique for this wonderful write up. Greater grace to you.

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