Its not always what it seems

I have had the privilege of growing my hair since 2006 till date. I must admit that it has not always gotten the best of treatments but it has not been without care.

 In fact it has been a permanent member of my budgeting committee and a regular item on my monthly expense list. Considering these among other reasons, I expect nothing short of very long and healthy hair.

My hair has not met my expectations but it has also not confirmed my fears, in fact it recently started behaving itself (ladies will relate more to this, but read on, the lesson is for all people)

I was at glorious meeting sometime in September and something caught my eye. It was someone’s very long and healthy looking hair. I stared at it for so long! I greatly adored the hair; in fact I wished I could exchange it for mine. On telling my sister about it after a session she emphatically stated that it wasn’t a real hair, meaning it didn’t grow on the head wearing it. I quickly cautioned her, announcing my intention of asking the lady who had the hair afterwards about her hair care routine in the hope a gaining a hair secret.

The following day she (the lady) no longer wore the hair as ponytail but let it fall freely to her back. I looked closely and refuted my sister’s assertion of the hair not being natural and my hair secret pursuit came alive again. Ahhh! this time I got so angry with my hair that I spoke to it not minding it had no ears. I told it to get its acts together and better improve like the decade old hair it was. Afterwards, I was lost in the meeting’s events that I still did not meet the lady.

The next day being Saturday, we all gathered for sports and later sanitation. During sanitation I saw the lady and her hair again and I so was glad at first. However, now at a closer distance and better look I became very ashamed. The lady’s hair and the hair I admired were not the same. They both stood separately now, due to sports activities done earlier. I walked closer and confirmed that I could now see well and that I was deceived the days before.

I slowly apologized to my hair, telling it that it might not have met my expectations but that it has done just well and has recently been doing so well. Yes, it was not at its best but I had to admit that it could have been worse. In fact I needed to share my own hair routine. I knew my hair still had no ear but apologizing to it felt right and helped me feel better and take the lesson to heart.

Like me, you have not attained your goals in certain areas of your life, some people and things you have invested in have not met your expectations.

Small progress is still progress, small growth is still growth, it could have been worse than what it is, what you have might be better than what you want, admire or think you need. 

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NLT)

Give yourself a break, be glad and thankful for the little you have and the not so far you have gone or come!

Admire people who are ahead of you and appreciate things you desire or plan to attain/achieve but resist the temptation to berate, compare and take sides against yourself because it is not always what it seems.

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Sincerely, Peace Iruoma



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