​Stupid or Sensible?

Have you ever been called stupid or sensible? 

Do you think you are stupid or sensible? 

Have you ever acted stupidly or sensibly? 

 What exactly does stupid and sensible mean? 

Who is stupid?  Who is sensible?

____ P L E A S E __ PAUSE _____

Answer the questions above first.

__ OKAY 



Stupid literally means the lack of ability to think normally, logically or intelligently.  Stupid also means not able to think normally because you are drunk, tired, ANGRY, etc. 

Therefore a person can be stupid or act stupidly.

Sensible means having or showing good sense or judgment. Sensible also means designed to be comfortable, useful rather than stylish (conforming to current fashion). 

Thus a person can be sensible or act sensibly.

I’m certain you are not stupid; you have the ability to think normally, logically and intelligently.

You are sensible because you have and show good sense and judgment; God designed you to be comfortable and useful.

However you have not always acted sensibly, you have acted stupidly on different occasions in response to ANGER in particular. Same applies to me, I have lost  my cool in the most surprising ways  and situations, in fact I subconsciously plan how to lose it on people I feel deserve it or berate others, in grand style. Now, that is mean but true; and I might not be the only guilty person here!

“Stupid people express their anger openly, but sensible people are patient and hold it back” – Proverbs 29:11, GNB.

The past is gone, it will never come back, let it go. You have today!

Instead of instantly and publicly talking about who angered you, talk to whomever it is privately but not immediately. Instead of giving it to them, breathe and walk away.

“No! If I do that, I will seem weak and they will do it again or take me for granted” – you might think. I have thought so too. But the wisest man- Solomon, affirms that Stupid people express their anger openly but sensible people are patient and hold it back.

You are not stupid; don’t let anger reduce you to stupidity. 

You are not stupid, don’t act stupidly anymore.

You can be patient and hold it back even when angry because you are sensible

You are sensible, you know it, God made you sensible, always act sensibly.

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Sincerely, Peace Iruoma

© 2016


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