Endless Search

I like pictures, I love worded pictures or display pictures – this is what I called it for so long. 

Whenever I go online I look out for inspiring, encouraging, practical and biblical worded pictures. I like, love, copy and save them often although I don’t fully agree and understand the messages some carry.

Then I thought to myself one day ‘create yours, share your thoughts. Someone elsewhere will sure be thankful for mine. They will serve as lovely reminders to me’. I began asking from Google to people who put such pictures up, to friends to colleagues to Play Store.

I knew I had Play Store and that I needed an application which will most likely be on it. But I didn’t know the name of the application I needed. Consequently, I downloaded a ton of them. Some were good but none was what I needed. Then I realized that my problem was not the people who didn’t reply, wrong or helpful replies, network or phone problems. My problem was: ‘not knowing the name of what I was looking for’. 

This realization was after months of careful ‘endless search and enquiry’

A thought came across my mind while thinking and searching for the right name (nah, the Holy Spirit let me know it was)– Text. The Spirit you receive(d) when you surrender(d) to Jesus is The Helper, he helps in small and big stuff, all manner of help, engage his services, talk to him, listen for his reply, follow his leading, wait till he replies. Nothing is too small or insignificant to let Him in on.

I smiled at such realization, put in this new name and bam! So many applications came on. In no time, I got what I needed.

I went back days later and got a similar but better one. I didn’t have to search endlessly this time because I knew for sure what I wanted by name. I simply went to what I had on Play Store and chose from its similar applications, without stress.

So happy and thankful I thought about my seemingly endless search of worded pictures, display pictures, photo editors, etc. and my discovery of amazing variety of text applications. 

LESSON: Most of the things we seek are within our reach, we’ve not found them because of some reasons; one of which is not knowing the name of what we seek. 

So I ask you dear friend, what are you searching for? What do you need? What do you want? 

Don’t waste so much time searching and asking wrongly like I did. A blame game of who should or didn’t help is not the answer, consoling yourself because others especially those you look up to or thought would know have no clue is degrading yourself, and giving up because you have searched for long is not wise.

Go back to the basics, the start, redefine your goal. Define what you seek, want or need correctly. Know it by name.

Help will only be useful when you are correct. Efforts will not be wasted and time will be better utilized when you know what you are searching for.

Rightly define your task, mission and search!

Do not search endlessly!

PS: for text photos like the one above, I use Text creator and Textgram, if you need any download it from ‘Play Store’ but don’t forget to thank me.

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Sincerely, Peace Iruoma

© 2016


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