Kindness is golden

There is no small or big kind deed

Its either kind or not- unkind

It might be sacrificial or ordinary but rarely by chance

It could seem poorly or not appreciated, neglected, abused or even over looked to the giver and by the receiver

It can be tangible or intangible, ranging from calls, gifts, a lift, a helping hand, some time in prayer, putting in a good word, holding back the hurtful, etc

I believe that all our kind deeds come back to us, makes a way, puts a smile on someone, provokes favour from God and men, gladens our heart, gives a measure of fulfilment, just to mention a few.

Throwback: A few months back, there was this regularization exercise at work that lasted days and as expected we filled in forms but as unexpected we had to present our appointment letters. There was this nice old man who was at the venue with me for the same purpose. On getting to his turn he was turned down because he didn’t have the required form at hand. He explained that he already submitted along with his colleagues to the head of his department who assured them that the form reached the venue before them and true to his word it did. The problem was that his form was the only one not found in his departmental file. This man was so confused and worried! After watching this unfold, I quickly suggested that he fill in another form. It didn’t take me long to understand his worry he couldn’t do it by himself, he respectfully and smiling asked for my assistance which I obliged. I enjoyed the little exercise because he spoke slowly so that I could understand his grammar, he knew the required information, had his account number handy, and had his wife as next of kin. Did I say he smiled and thanked me all through. . . . . he did!
On submitting the form, the old one that was missing and no where to be found appeared (don’t ask how because I don’t know) I felt bad for the man and thought to myself how they had him needlessly worried and confused on seeing the scene unfold from a distance. On been cleared this nice old man walked to me and explained everything from how he filled and submitted the first form to how he was eventually cleared and  thanked me again.

Helping him fill the form to me was no big deal, I enjoyed it, in fact I asked him questions that were not required and he answered all. But it meant so much to him. This is how I know – almost a month later I met him on my way into our place of work and he said “my friend thank you  for helping me fill that form, thank you” and went on to inquire about my wellbeing and that of my family. Till date he greets me with a smile and the title “my friend”- that’s a big deal to me! It just gladens my heart. Kindness is golden. Hey I’m not trying to tell you I am 24/7 nice and kind but I’ve definitely moved steps forward in this area from where I was before.

Payback time: Today! 

My holidays just officially began so I was all set at about 9am to leave for the park with very heavy luggage. I was already dressed and my clothing was not very comfortable for a bike, so I knew I had to walk to the road (which is quite a distance considering my luggage) in order to get another means of transport to the park. My backup plan was to ask my neighbour to help out, but when I went to bid him goodbye I saw how engrossed he was in a movie and I didn’t just have the “liver” to ask for help anymore. Hmm if I asked, I’m certain he would not say no but he was seeing the movie with someone who might not pause it and he was so into the movie that his goodbye wasn’t even the normal. As I steeped out into the street, I set my luggage down starred at it for a while and wondered how we will make it. For a lack of alternative I did the obvious! 

Just a few steps a very sweaty middle aged man who had a wheelbarrow came in view. I was so glad, quickly asked his help and asked the cost. He just asked me to put it all in the wheelbarrow. I asked about the cost again, this time he was talking to someone over the phone and faintly said to me “gawa” (start going).

Omg! I was so glad that I had help, I wasn’t so sure how much it cost  but I went ahead of him to the road. Then a thought hit me”what if he disappears with my luggage ” and another “you can easily replace your clothes but not your PC and Passport” I slowly turned and saw that he was coming slowly behind me. 

On getting to the road, I thanked him but he replied “which bus are you entering” (as there is a park by and across the road) I explained that I needed to enter keke across the road that will take me to the right park. He quickly moved on, went to the end of the road , turned and came back up to me ( because I simply crossed). He put my luggage down, smiled and said goodbye! I just called after him thanking, bowing and smiling. 

I was stunned! No ordinary hustling Igbo man will forgo his charges. We all take money seriously in Nigeria, but the Igbos hmmmmm . . . . Hey he wasn’t just strolling to his house he was out and about his luggage-carrying business. Even though i could afford whatever the due charge for his service was, I stood there for quite some time just smiling, thankful, amazed and surprised at his kindness that many kekes passed me by. When I finally got composure, I entered one and just prayed and blessed that man till I got to the park. 

I’m still so happy and grateful and I couldn’t help but think if this is how the nice old man- my friend felt.

Our deeds are either kind or unkind! 

There is no small or big kind deed! 

Kindness is golden!

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Sincerely, Peace Iruoma



9 thoughts on “Kindness is golden

  1. nice piece from unique peace.
    the milk of human kindness is virtually evaporated in our jet age & this computerized generation must strive to be rehumanized with acts of kindness & compassion.


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