Finish Strong

Considering quitting or giving up? Finish Strong is for you, click the link below to read


Marriage is not Identity

​Saturdays are usually full of weddings and I'm a huge fan. But these days I have to fill my stomach before attending any just in case food doesn't get to me (smiles)  Well weddings signify the start of a marriage. Marriage is . . . find out more  on this week's article

Obama reaffirmed the All powerful

​The power to direct and determine the course of things or reactions of people is a delight to anyone. It does come with responsibilities and benefits but often pumps our ego and fans pride. It is called CONTROL. See how the All powerful was reaffirmed here

See how she remembered her decision but forgot her reason

She patronizes all the telecommunication networks in Nigeria, because their heads are always touching, upgrading, downgrading and resetting, LOL. What I mean is that their browsing services and plans fluctuate and yours sincerely goes with the best plan which could be any network every month on subscription expiry or exhaustion. Thank God purchasing a SIM … Continue reading See how she remembered her decision but forgot her reason

​Test of character

Character means the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions. We often hear ‘that is my character’ or ‘I trust his character’ or ‘so this is your character’ etc., if not all. Character is developed over time either consciously or unconsciously. "Then he sent someone to Egypt ahead of … Continue reading ​Test of character

Its not always what it seems

I have had the privilege of growing my hair since 2006 till date. I must admit that it has not always gotten the best of treatments but it has not been without care.  In fact it has been a permanent member of my budgeting committee and a regular item on my monthly expense list. Considering … Continue reading Its not always what it seems